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Somatic Approaches To Healing Trauma and Reconnecting to Your Body's Wisdom

Discover the Subtle Language of Your Nervous System through Embodiment Practices

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If you are new to how the nervous system functions or are already in the field of somatic psychology, this course is for all levels and designed to teach you simple and direct methods that support the regulation and nourishment of your nervous system.

This course offers many accessible tools for working with trauma and your nervous system. Along with learning valuable theory, you will develop resources and embodiment practices that regulate and nourish your nervous system. You will also learn how to feel and recognize the subtle language of your nervous system, resulting in the cultivation of vitality, connection, love and joy.

Embodiment is an essential foundation on the wellness path that helps to strengthen your resiliency and capacity to hold yourself through life's inevitable challenges. The embodiment path fortifies your ability to digest and process residual emotion and trauma while nurturing thriving health on all levels. This work healthfully impacts your ancestral lines and ultimately the world.

We are excited to share these life changing practices with you!

Inquiry | Embodiment | Resilience

Curiosity opens the gateway for deeper learning. From this place, we begin to practice embodiment and learn to feel the stories that your body holds as lived experience.

When you practice with curious inquiry, you may discover new facets of your own inner truth and develop a deeper connection to who you really are.

This offers space to create more compassion, empathy, resilience and love for yourself and others.
This course may help you begin this process of curious inquiry, teaching you tools to begin to learn about your nervous system patterns and ways to bring more regulation, nourishment and compassion to your wellness journey.

Embodiment practices invite you to come home to your body and connect with your body's innate intelligence.

When you have experienced trauma, you may left your body as a way to cope with the overwhelm. Somatic practices are invitations to heal trauma and regulate your nervous system. When you are able to feel deeply into your present moment experiences of joy, wonder and gratitude, you can then gently open to embody the painful, disconnected aspects of life.

This course will share with you many tools and resources to help you engage with care on this journey of coming home to your amazing body.

Somatic practices offer tools to support self-regulation, inviting the experience of feeling & sensing your body while growing your window of tolerance.

By working with practices of inquiry and embodiment, you learn how to better cope with stress, as well as life's inevitable challenges.

Your life story is unique. By doing this work you bring more resilience to the areas that may be triggering and difficult. When resilience expands, life may become more fluid, peaceful and freeing.

This course will explore with you somatic practices to help you grow this resilience with your emotions, mind, body, and spirit.


Inquiry is an essential first step, allowing us to gain insight into our triggers, patterns and emotions.

Bringing curiosity to our nervous system patterns allows us to go deeper into the body. From this place we can start to practice Embodiment, learning to feel our stories which are lived experiences in our bodies.

When we practice Inquiry we discover our own inner truth and develop a deeper connection to who we are. Allowing for more compassion, empathy and resilience for ourselves and others.


Using Embodiment Practices you will learn how to come home to your body. Connecting to Your Body's Innate Intelligence.

When we experience Trauma we leave our body. Somatic Practices are how we Heal Trauma and Regulate Our Nervous System. When we are able to feel deeply into our present moment experiences of joy, wonder and gratitude, we can then open to embody the painful, disconnected aspects of life.

This course will teach you the tools you need to start this journey.


As we begin these Embodiment Practices, we discover how to feel when our body is activated and learn how to return to a regulated state. We start to feel our bodies again and expand our Window of Tolerance.

By working with these practices of Inquiry and Embodiment we learn how to cope with stress, as well as life's challenges and advertises.

Our life story is unique and by doing this work we bring more resilience to the areas that may be be triggering and difficult. When we embody this Resilience life becomes more fluid, finding more peace and freedom within.

A 5 week Course with 5 Internationally Recognized Women

  • Dr. Sharon Stanley
  • Andrea Larsen
  • Mukti
  • Melissa Brown
  • Christy Greenwood 

Each week will include somatic theory and hands on embodiment and somatic practices taking you on a journey through your nervous system. Discover the skills of embodiment, regulation, presence, inquiry, empathy, resilience and connection.


  • 23 Videos + 38 PDF's
  • 11+ Hours of Video
  • Private facebook page where we can connect and have live connections
  • One-on-one support can be added to assist you on this journey to wholeness by booking with one of our facilitators privately

Week 1 Course Description

Foundations of your Nervous System and Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma

Presented by Dr. Sharon Stanley

Dr. Sharon Stanley is a psychotherapist, educator and writer living on Bainbridge Island, Washington. As a long-time student of neuropsychology, Sharon has integrated a variety of somatic practices for healing complex trauma into a relational, humanistic and phenomenological model called Somatic Transformation. At the core of Somatic Transformation is embodied empathy, the practice of feeling into another's inner world with a bodily-based attunement, connectivity and inquiry.

Grounded in relational practices for integrating complex trauma and guided by emerging research in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Sharon has taught this model to thousands of practitioners over the past 25 years. In 2016, Routledge published her book: Relational and Body-Centered Practices for Healing Trauma: Lifting the Burdens of the Past. Sharon is currently researching concepts and practices for a book on Spiritual Trauma.

What you will Learn in Week 1

* Nervous System Basics
* Vagus Nerve
* Poly Vagal Theory
* Intro to the Brain
* What is Trauma
* Developmental Neuroscience
* Grounding
* Pendulation
* Breathwork
* Titration
* Orienting for Trauma
* Generational Trauma
* 6 Therapeutic Practices for Trauma
* Somatic Meditations
* Chanting for clearing energy
* Embodied Dreamwork
* And More!

Week 2 Course Description

Enteric Nervous System, Gut Brain Connection and Ways to support your Nervous System

Presented by Andrea Larsen

I'm a mom of 3 from a small town with a big heart and a big vision. I aim to help thousands of people achieve great health by combining professional coaching with effective education so that they don't have to trial and error their way to wellbeing any longer.

I help clients learn how to nourish their bodies, form a healthful mindset and create a thriving inner ecology through nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle coaching.

As an Herbalist, and Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, I've spent the past 15 years helping people take back their health by turning to what nature has already lovingly and intelligently provided for us.

What you will Learn in Week 2

* Enteric Nervous System
* Stress and the Nervous System
* Autonomic Nervous System
* Limbic Brain
* Gut Brain Connection
* Vagus Nerve and the Microbiome
* Auto Immune
* Stress and Perceptions
* Gut Health and Disease
* Mindset
* Simplicity Parenting
* Fermented Foods
* Herbal Medicine
* Aromatherapy
* And More!

Week 3 Course Description

Embodying Spirit Nature

The Nervous System as it Relates to Spiritual Unfolding

Presented by Mukti

Mukti, whose name is translated as “Liberation”, is an Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha. Since 2004 she has been a guide in the practices of meditation, contemplation and self-inquiry, pointing to our nature as Spirit, expressed as the undivided state.

She brings flavors of healing, nurturing, quietude, and refreshing down-to-earth humanity to her talks, guided meditations, spiritual counsel, and qi gong instruction. She holds a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine, a license in acupuncture, and a Hatha Yoga teaching certification.

These backgrounds in body awareness and the healing arts, as well as her years of studying the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and Adyashanti, largely inform her presentations on the energetic unfolding of realization and embodiment.

What you will Learn in Week 3

* Embodiment
* The Nervous System as it relates to Spiritual Unfolding
* Energetics of Spirit and Embodying Spirit Nature
* Teachings of Non Duality
* Holding two states at once
* Inquiry into Patterns and Beliefs
* How beliefs may get concretized in the body
* The work of Inquiry
* Guided Somatic Meditation
* Chi Gong Practice for your Nervous System
* And More!

Week 4 Course Description

Embodiment Practices. Inquiry into your Nervous System

Connecting with the Bodies Wisdom

Presented by Melissa Brown

Melissa has been in the field of Somatic practices for over 25 years. A Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, Teacher, and Somatic Transformation Counseller, Embodiment Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Student of Functional Medicine.

Her practice is designed to help clients get to the root cause of their issues, integrating body, mind and spirit. Her passions are helping people come into alignment with who they really are and guiding a client towards a more balanced way of being. This involves working with the Nervous System, Fascia, and the Body-Mind Connection.

Melissa invites her clients to commit to the unfolding of their patterns, thoughts and beliefs, together creating a path to wellness and transformation. Embodying who you really are!
What you will Learn in Week 4
* Embodying the Psoas
* Exploring Fixed Action Patterns in your body
* Psoas, Your Nervous System and Trauma
* Exercises for Psoas
* Constructive Rest Pose
* Rolf Pelvic Lift
* Somatic Meditations
* Breathwork for Parasympathetic States
* Heart Intelligence
* Working with Negative Emotions
* Exploring Perceptions and Beliefs
* Somatic Inquiry into Triggers, Thoughts, and Emotions
* Window of Tolerance
* Discovering Resilience in 4 Domains
* Primary and Secondary Selves
* Finding Your Line
* Orientating to the Present Moment
* And More

Week 5 Course Description

An Embodiment Movement Practice to connect to the Wild Wisdom of your Innate Genius

Presented by Christy Greenwood

As a multi-modality therapist, I facilitate a bridge to the innate genius of body wisdom by inviting the rewilding and decolonizing of imagination and creativity.

I am a devotee to the creative spark who dances on unceded territory of the Quw'utsun mustiimihw (Cowichan People) near the Cowichan River on Vancouver Island, BC. I live as a Mama, wife, intuitive healing artist, photography enthusiast, dance facilitator and herbal artist encouraging connection to creative body wisdom.

I help people during life-pivoting and tender times to explore their growth edges and wild truth with gentleness and care. My intention is to embody compassionate grounding while providing sacred space with a side of humour to nourish the flame of loving truth.

What you will Learn in Week 5

* Hatha Yoga Practice for Your Nervous System
* Tapping for your Nervous System
* Shaking to Restore Vitality
* Guided Embodied Movement through your Chakras
* Guided Embodied Rewilding Movement Practice
* Restoring Rhythm


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